The First half of the “She Evil vol.1” movie can be viewed below (YouTube Link).  If you enjoy the first half, the second half is available for purchase via the Link at bottom of this page.  We appreciate everyone’s support


Synopsis: After an ugly break up and argument with her Aunt Lucy, Mya Turner’s life takes a twisted, chaotic turn for the worst when she moves to a new city to live with her best friend, Erica. While still trying to cope with her mother’s death, Mya must defend her own name against rumors of a botched robbery she’s believed to have orchestrated.

Click The green Link Below To see

The ending to SHE EVIL Vol.1








37 thoughts on “SHE EVIL Vol.1”

  1. Why make us pay to see the Movie,I overstand helping my people but he’ll there are FREE BLACK HOOD MOVIES I WATCH FREE…LETS GET REAL FAM A , MOVIE AND I Have to pay for the next 30 minutes…..


    1. I’m not making anybody pay for anything. If you want to see the 2nd half, the links right there… If you don’t want to watch it… Koo… What ever you choose to do I respect it 💯💯


  2. Great Great job you guys .. I was all in from the beginning to the end… Also that track at the end of the movie is WET!!!!


    1. Once again for the people in the back, especially the ones sitting next to Jada. I’m not making anybody pay for anything. the 2nd half is available, for rent, to those who wish to contribute and help support the She Evil Movement. If you do not want to support the movement, that’s koo. She Evil Vol. 2 coming soon. #Legendary


  3. Yo what’s aunt Lucy’s real name. Because she’s perfect for a role I got if she interested. Let know. Great movie by the way! Keep up the good work!!!


  4. This movie was real good it show u how bitchs would set u up start rumors and Rob u to it had me like wow this the shit going on in baton rouge today don’t trust nobody I mean nobody


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