FreakNik Festival 2019 Celebrating FreakNik

The New Documentary Directed by The Legendary @Slank_Slim

Executive Produced by After 9 Partners.

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🚨🚨🚨 Now Presenting the OFFICIAL FREAKNIK FESTIVAL DOCUMENTARY🚨🚨🚨 . . Visit to View today! . . @FreaknikFestival had to over come Israel Unite Protestors, Lawsuits, Family Friendly NOT Family Friendly, Hail Storm, media / bloggers taking aim, personal attacks and more! The result? Over 17,000+ People came out to have the time of their lives! The process of turning an event that was once a black eye on the City of #Atlanta into a respectable, empowering, educational, FUN and Safe Event was a very challenging one! Come witness the OFFICIAL FreakNik Festival Documentary for yourself to see the behind the scenes efforts to revive what MANY others have failed, for the first time in 20 years and excited the city and the country for a memorable weekend! #FreaknikFest #FreakNik #OldAtlanta #PinoliFilms #After9Partners . . 🎥 By The Legendary @slank_slim Powered By @cnealproductions Special thanks to the Artists and Team who helped make this happen including but not limited to: @i_am__wiz @cellairisamphitheatre @tarathomasagency @juviethegreat @bunb @8ballandmjg @trinarockstarr @yingyangtwins @twistagmg @pastortroydsgb @itskamillion @projectpat @djdrdoomddp @d4lmookb @kizzyrock1 @therealkiloali @sosobrat @therealeastsideboyz @iamraheemthedream #playapuncho @dj_unk @reallilscrappy @telaofficial @sheapge @sheasheaneenee_disndat @314garyjohnson #95South #TheOrganization #BlackDave #CharlieBoy

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