Raised on the north side of Columbus, OH, Slank_Slim’s interest in filming started at the age of 12. During a class field trip to the local Science Learning Center, Cosi, Slank was introduced to the beginning stages of videography through a simple stop motion exhibit. It was an Indiana Jones movie exhibit where the participants could take pictures of action figures, where afterwards the creations made could be played within the different scenes of the movie. It was at that moment a spark was ignited within Slank_Slim to become more familiar the filming process.slank_slim-5_00000

In 2006 Slank would put all of the experience gained, through either formal education or personal trial, to release his first underground directorial debut, “614 Vol. 1: Strictly For The Streets” fight DVD. It was during the filming of this project where he acquired his infamous alias Slank_Slim. In the course of him filming fights around different  neighborhoods, it was seen as abnormal to walk the streets with a video camera unless you were employed by the local news station. During countless acts of bantering by onlooker, the name Slank_Slim stuck. To Slank, it symbolized the doubt and criticism nay sayers had for his vision, so he used it as a constant reminder of how people will try to use negativity to detour you from your dreams. The 614 DVD sold out at every location he placed it in for distribution around the city. There was hardly a household or individual in the greater Columbus area who hadn’t owned or seen “The 614 Vol.1 Strictly for Da Streets” . It was in such high demand, gaining the attention of local news stations, radio stations, and newspapers, he ultimately followed up with the sequel “614 Vol. 2: Rep Yo City”. With the craze Slank’s 614 DVD’s created, it attracted the attention of Fall Thru Entertainment leading to a collaboration with the entity on a project entitled “Ghetto Fights 4”, essentially becoming the combination of the 614 DVD’s, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2

In 2011 Slank was inspired to take his career to the next level and enrolled and graduated from Full Sail University, in their accelerated Bachelors program for Digital Cinematography.

Slank has continued to apply what he has learned over the years to sharpen his skills. This has become evident in his most recent project, “The 90’s FreakNik: an Atlanta Story” documentary. Shortly after it’s release, it obtained positive reviews from multiple sites such as, UPROXX, Vibe Magazine, and The passion, dedication, and hard work that Slank has put into his craft are evident in his work. His continuous pursuit to enhance his skill set and knowledge as it pertains to his career, is what makes him a contender among the best of them. He is hardworking, tenacious, and focused with an unrivaled work ethic. His commitment to perfection on every project that he attaches his name to is what makes him stand out from the crowd. Follow Slank_Slim on Instagram

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